LiceCap For Mac - Capture Your Screen and Turns into the GIF


JPG and GIF- these are two major formats that we choose for our image files. Now, when we prefer the animated images, we have to save our files in GIF formats. It is 8-bit file format that you can download from online media very easily. For business and personal needs, GIFs have attracted us a lot. While we view at any GIF images, it catches our attention within a short time. However, to create these animations, you have to run an app or software. 

If you are looking for a very reliable and versatile GIF creator, then Licecap is the best choice, available to you. This software is designed in a special way for capturing the screen of a device and then transporting it to GIF format.

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Licecap also enables you to store your recordings in LCF file format. If needed, you may play it by using the third-party application, like REAPER. However, the final or output file that is in LCF is also easily convertible to PNG and GIF. To be able to do it, you have to use integrated command utilities.

We know that GIF files are essential for a variety of purposes. However, while you like to make demonstration or present a tutorial to others, this software is the right tool to you. Record the desktop activities by using this software and then covert it into GIF. In addition to it, you do not need to be concerned on prerequisites for installing this software. You can run it on any average standard PC.

To install Licecap for Mac or for Windows, you have to go through a short process. As a new user, you will easily become familiar to the UI. There is nothing intricate in the interface. You will find a resizable window, and you may move this box to any direction by dragging it with your mouse. The part, which is covered with this window, will get recorded.

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While you see that everything is ready, you have to simply hit the option- Record. This will turn on the process of capturing the screen. After you have started this process, you cannot modify its window size. However, the window it still moveable. You may incorporate other parts of that screen into the ultimate GIF file.

Many users like to hit Pause option during the recording process. While you have clicked on it, you can add another text frame to meet your needs. Thus, the software enables you to customize or personalize your animation in different ways. The LCF or GIF file, as an output will remain stored at your chosen local drive.

In conclusion, we like to say that Licecap is truly a dependable software application, which is intended to record or capture image on desktop screen. You can easily convert it into the animated ones. The appealing User Interface and several other features have made this software most powerful.